Home Security Systems

Spectrum Voice phone service will work with most monitored home security systems. However, if you have a home security service, we recommend that you test the proper operation and communication aspects of the alarm system after your Spectrum Voice phone service installation.

911 and Battery Backup

Spectrum Voice phone service provides emergency 911 services much like traditional phone companies. Should you ever need to access emergency services (fire, police or ambulance) just dial the familiar digits 911 using your phone. Your call will be routed directly to the nearest public-safety operator. Emergency services will be able to quickly find you because your phone number and address are electronically routed to the operator the moment your call goes through.

As with your cordless phones, Spectrum Voice phone equipment will not operate in the event of a power outage. In this case you'll be unable to make or receive calls, including 911 calls, unless you chose to have a battery-slotted phone modem installed and purchase a battery backup. This must be done when you order your service. The battery backup option is available with all new orders. Be sure to ask your representative if you have any questions.

The backup battery is designed to ensure the availability of calling, including 911 calling, for up to eight hours of standby time and approximately five hours of talk time in the event of a power outage.

Customers who didn't choose the battery-slotted phone modem at the time of ordering service can upgrade at anytime by calling customer service at (833) 267-6094.

If you plan to move, and need to change your service address, contact us so we can properly move your service to ensure 911 calls are properly routed. Do not move the phone modem (Multimedia Terminal Adapter or MTA) installed in your home to another location.

An MTA is a box that connects the cable and the phone line inside your home. This MTA modem enables our network to communicate with the phone lines inside your home and is usually located in a basement, closet or home office.