There are several reasons why you may have no dial tone. You can use the Voice Troubleshooting Tool below to identify and resolve the issue.


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You can also attempt to resolve the issue manually by making sure that:

  • Your phone equipment is connected properly.
  • Your phone is plugged in to an active jack.
  • Your phone is properly hung up.
  • Your cordless phone, if you have one, has power and that it's properly synced to the base unit.

If the issue persists, check your phone modem or Multimedia Terminal Adaptor (MTA) :

  1. If your phone modem or MTA has a Standby button, check to see if it's in Standby mode.
  2. Make sure the power cord is secure in the back of the modem or MTA and plugged into a live electrical outlet.
  3. Make sure there's a phone cord plugged into the port labeled Tel 1/2 on the back of the modem or MTA, closest to the end.
  4. Make sure the coax cable is securely connected to the back of the modem.
  5. Reset your modem or MTA.

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