Voice Online Manager allows you to check your voicemail and manage your Spectrum Voice features online, using a desktop computer or mobile device.

Use the quick links below to navigate to a section of your choice or select one of the helpful links for more information.




General Information

To access Voice Online Manager:

  1. Sign in to Spectrum.net.
  2. Select the Voice icon located at the top right corner of the page.

summary page of voice online manager

  1. Select the phone number that you would like to manage from those listed in the header.
Note: You can manage features for up to two phone lines in Voice Online Manager.
  1. Navigate to the section of your choice:
    1. Summary: An overview of your voicemails, call history and Voice settings.
    2. Voicemails: Lists the voicemails you've received and options to play, search for, delete, reply to, forward or download the selected messages.
    3. Calls: Shows details of your call activity and can be filtered by outgoing, incoming or missed calls.
    4. Settings: Allows you to set up voicemail settings and manage your preferences for call waiting, speed dial, simultaneous ring, call handling, call blocking and more.
Note: You'll be automatically signed out of Spectrum.net after one hour of inactivity in Voice Online Manager.

Manage Permissions

To manage Voice Online Manager permissions:

  1. From your desktop computer, sign in to your account with a Head of Household or Admin username.
Note: You can't edit user permissions using a mobile device.
  1. Select the Menu icon in the top left hand corner of the page and choose Manage Account. Then choose Settings.
  2. Choose the username you want to edit, then scroll to Account Controls.
  3. Select the Plus (+) icon to expand the section.
  4. Select Yes to allow access or No to restrict access to Voice Online Manager and then choose Save.


Set Up Voicemail

You can set up your Voicemail on Spectrum.net using Voice Online Manager.

Note: Until Voicemail is set up, callers will receive a message stating your voicemail isn't set up after five rings, and they'll be unable to leave messages.

To set up Voicemail using Voice Online Manager:

  1. Open Voice Online Manager.
  2. Select Set Up Voicemail in the Voicemails section of the Summary page.
  3. Follow the prompts to set up a greeting, four-digit numeric PIN, Readable Voicemail and additional voicemail preferences.

Learn more about managing your voicemail settings.

Access Messages

You'll hear an interrupted dial tone when you have a new voicemail. Your mailbox can store up to 45 messages for a maximum of 31 days each. You can view and manage your messages under the Voicemails tab of Voice Online Manager.

When you've selected a voice message, you can:

  • Use the Search feature to browse messages by phone number or keyword.
  • Select Play to listen to the voice message.
  • Delete unwanted messages. Deleted messages can be recovered within 24 hours or permanently deleted to free up storage.
  • Mark a message as Heard or Unheard.
  • Download a message for later playback.
  • Add to if you'd like to add the phone number to a calling feature, such as VIP Ringing or Block Unwated Callers.
  • Reply by Email or Forward by Email.
Note: Spectrum Voice service customers who don't subscribe to Spectrum Internet service can forward or reply to a voicemail, but recipients won't be able to reply to the originating email address.


The Calls page details your call history. You can view the most recent 100 call records and sort by name and/or phone number, date, time and duration of call. Select Export Call Logs to save a copy of your call history for your records.

Learn more about accessing Call Details online.


Voice Online Manager allows you to manage your Voicemail Settings, Calling Features, Call Handling and Privacy options.

Voicemail Settings

Voicemail can be turned ON or OFF at any time in the Settings section of Voice Online Manager. After you've setup your voicemail, you can record a personalized greeting, create a voicemail PIN and choose to receive Readable Voicemail.

Learn more about managing your Voicemail Settings.

Calling Features

Note: You must subscribe to a feature and it must be activated on your account before it can be managed with Voice Online Manager.
  1. Open Voice Online Manager, then select Settings.
  2. Select Calling Features, then choose one of the following features to edit:
    1. Call Waiting
    2. Speed Dial
    3. VIP Ringing
    4. Backup Phone
    5. Simultaneous Ring
  3. When you edit a setting, make sure to Save your changes.

Learn more about managing your Spectrum Voice Calling Features online or using your handset.

Call Handling

Call Handling options allow you to forward all or selected calls to a designated phone number, and choose how calls are handled when the line is busy or there is no answer.

To manage Call Handling:

  1. Open Voice Online Manager, then select Settings.
  2. Select Call Handling and follow the onscreen prompts to make changes.
  3. When finished, Save your settings or Reset to restore the default settings.
Note: International Call Forwarding is NOT available.


You can set up call blocking and other privacy settings using Voice Online Manager:

  1. Open Voice Online Manager, then select Settings.
  2. Select Privacy, then choose one of the following features to edit:
    1. Block Unwanted Callers
    2. Accept Select Callers
    3. Do Not Disturb
    4. Call Blocking
    5. Directory Listing
  3. When you edit your settings, be sure to Save your changes.

Learn more about managing your Spectrum Voice call blocking and privacy features.

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