With Spectrum Transactional Video On Demand (TVOD), you can rent On Demand video content from any supported device, including smartphones, Xbox One, and Roku streaming devices. You can also watch any available content on your TV through your Spectrum Receiver, as well as online at SpectrumTV.com.

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions below to learn more.

How long can I access/view/watch On Demand purchases?

You can watch rented On Demand content for 48 hours after your rental is confirmed.

If I rent/purchase On Demand content on one platform (e.g. SpectrumTV.com) can I watch the same content on another platform (e.g. the Spectrum TV app)?

Yes, you can! Content purchased on one platform will be available to watch on every device associated with your Spectrum account, including your Spectrum Receiver.

How do I control which users on my account can rent or purchase On Demand content?

You can set up a Purchase PIN if you want to control which users can order On Demand content. Learn how to set up a Purchase PIN.

Where do On Demand purchases appear on my bill?

Your purchases will appear in the Spectrum TV section of your bill, along with any other one-time or monthly TV charges. Learn more about how to understand your bill.

How can I tell free On Demand content from content that I have to pay for?

On Demand content that can be rented or purchased will have a price listed along with it whenever it appears in your On Demand video menu. The price and expiration date will also be displayed on the content’s individual page.

If I buy an On Demand video by mistake, but don't watch it, can I return the content or get a refund?

Rentals and purchases are final once you've confirmed them. Refunds aren't available if you buy or rent On Demand content by mistake.

Why are some On Demand titles only available for purchase and not available for rental?

Title availability is subject to content licensing agreements. Each available title will include an expiration date so you can see how long the content will be available.