Whether you want to watch TV on a programmer's website, watch online at SpectrumTV.net, or sign in to a network's mobile app, you'll need a Spectrum username to access the content.

Sign In With Your Spectrum Username

To sign in to a TV channel app, use your Spectrum username and password. Get sign-in help.

Note: If you created a Spectrum email account, try using your full Spectrum username.

Access Requirements

  • When prompted, select Spectrum as your as your TV provider. If Spectrum isn't listed as an option, choose the appropriate Spectrum provider (TWC Spectrum, BHN Spectrum or Charter Spectrum).
  • As a general rule, you need to be subscribed to the corresponding TV channel as part of your Spectrum TV services in order to view the content online and on the go. For example, you must subscribe to HBO in order to access HBO GO content online and through the HBO GO mobile app.
  • If you try to sign in or view content that requires you to subscribe to the service as part of your Spectrum TV service, you'll see an error message stating that your current subscription level doesn't include the online service.