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General Information

HDTV programming is often displayed in a different format from standard television programming. This may result in black bars on the screen or stretched images.

Learn more about HDTV picture formats and how to adjust your picture.

Equipment Needed

To enjoy Spectrum TV in HD services, you need the following:

  • A high-definition television set (HDTV)
  • A Spectrum-issued HD receiver
Note: You can't receive HD Programming on an analog TV set.

HD Programming Available

You can now view HD programming on dozens of channels and with Spectrum On Demand, too. See a complete list of HD channels available in your area.


Note: Services aren't available in all areas and programs may vary by location.

Learn more about how you can order Spectrum TV services today.


Some of the latest models of HDTV sets have a slot for cable cards, as an alternative to Spectrum Receivers. If you have a TV like this, you can lease a CableCARD from Spectrum.

Learn more about Spectrum CableCARD troubleshooting.

CableCARDs won't provide access to digitally encrypted switched channels in areas where Spectrum has implemented Switched Digital Video (SDV). In SDV areas, HDTV CableCARD customers will need an HD receiver to view digitally encrypted switched channels. Customers using a CableCARD TiVO device or certain supporting CableCARD devices with a Windows Media Center PC will need to install a Tuning Adapter to view digitally encrypted channels.