Spectrum Pay-Per-View (PPV) offers a variety of movies. plus live events such as championship boxing, wrestling, concerts and pro and college sports. When you order a PPV movie, you can watch it as many times as you want within a 24-hour period. Special events can only be viewed once.


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Spectrum Pay-Per-View (PPV) is available with your Spectrum TV subscription on every TV with a Spectrum Receiver.

Pay-Per-View Features

With PPV, you'll have instant access to movies and events, and you can order easily with your remote control. You can also restrict PPV purchases based on price or channel.


PPV prices vary. Your on-screen guide will display the price of the movie, live event or other programming next to the title.

Ordering Requirements

  • Your account balance must be current. If you have an outstanding balance, you'll need to pay it before ordering a PPV event.
  • If you've established a PIN for your account, you'll be asked to enter your PIN when you order with your remote.
    Note: Please note that this PIN may be different than your purchasing PIN for On Demand content. If you need help creating or resetting your account PIN, please contact us.
  • Live events can only be viewed once per purchase.
  • You can order a network-sponsored PPV event without a subscription to that network (e.g. you don't need a Showtime subscription to purchase a Showtime Boxing PPV event).


Ordering a PPV Event

Ordering online with Ask Spectrum

Want to order online?
Order Event
(Online ordering available week of event)

Learn more about ordering with Ask Spectrum.

Ordering by Phone

  1. Call us at (833) 267-6094.
  2. Say "Order Pay-Per-View" when prompted.


Ordering Through Your TV

For instructions on how to order by remote control, find your guide below and select it for more instructions. If you don't see your guide below, you can order by phone.


Arris, Motorola or Pace receivers with iGuide:

Arris, Motorola, Pace


Cisco/Scientific Atlanta receivers with Passport Guide:

Cisco, Scientific Atlanta


Spectrum Guide:

Spectrum Guide


Don't See Your Guide?

Here are a few more options:

Not sure which guide is yours? Find out which guide you have.


Spectrum Business customers: Visit Spectrum Business Pay-Per-View support.

Ordering on Multiple TVs

By remote control:

To order a PPV event by remote control on multiple TVs that are connected to different brands of receivers, you may need to order the event through each different programming guide. Even if you order the event on multiple receivers, your account will only be charged once.


By phone:

Ordering by phone will authorize the movie or event on all receivers in your home. See above for instructions on ordering by phone.

Canceling Your Order

To cancel your order by remote control:

If you placed an order through your guide, you can also cancel it by using the guide. Follow the ordering instructions above for your program guide and choose Cancel/Don't order.

To cancel your PPV order by phone:

You can cancel your order up until the program's scheduled start time. Please call (833) 267-6094 to cancel your order.

Viewing a PPV Event

Finding Your Event's Channel

You can find the correct channel for your PPV event by using the Spectrum TV channel guide.

Some PPV events are also available in Spanish through Pay-Per-View en EspaƱol (PPVE). Please note that this may not be available in all areas. For more information, please consult your programming guide or contact us.

Missed an Ordered PPV Event

If you ordered using your remote control:

If you missed a PPV event you ordered with your remote control, you won't be charged. Please note, however, that if you tune to the event's channel for even a second while it's in progress, you will be charged for the event.

If you ordered by phone:

If you miss a PPV event you ordered over the phone, you'll need to contact us to cancel your order prior to the event's start time. Otherwise, you will be charged.

Problems Viewing an Event

If you're having trouble viewing an event you ordered, please see these troubleshooting steps.

If you had an issue with an event that's already aired, please contact us.