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With the Spectrum Guide, you can browse thousands of On Demand TV Shows and Movies, or choose from new and popular movie releases available to rent in the Video Store. You can also save On Demand titles to your Watchlist for quick access later. Use the quick links below to navigate to the section of your choice.



Access On Demand

On Demand titles are grouped by type: TV Shows, Movies and Video Store (for On Demand rentals).

spectrum main menu with on demand menu options highlighted


To access On Demand titles:

  1. Press Menu on your remote control.
  2. Navigate to TV Shows, Movies or Video Store using the arrow buttons on your remote, and then press OK/Select.
  3. If your remote control has an On Demand button, you can press it once to access TV Shows, twice to access Movies or three times to access the Video Store.


Browse Available Titles

You can browse TV Shows and Movies available On Demand with your subscription or expand the list to include programs available in other subscription packages and rentals. When browsing titles in the Video Store, rental prices will display below each highlighted rental.


To browse content and choose a title:

  1. Scroll through program categories using the arrow buttons on your remote.
  2. Highlight a program that you'd like to watch, press OK/Select on your remote and then choose from the following viewing options:
    1. Watch: Begin watching the program now.
    2. Rent: If you're in the Video Store, select a program to rent and then confirm your rental.
    3. Record: Set a series recording, if available.
    4. Browse Episodes: Choose from episodes that are Available to Watch Now On Demand, or view scheduled TV listings.
    5. Add to Watchlist: Save a program for later viewing. Learn more.
  3. If prompted, enter your On Demand or Purchase Controls PIN.


gold key icon next to premium On Demand titles


The gold key icon indicates that the On Demand title isn't included with your TV subscription. You can select Upgrade to access the content.

Note: You man be required to enter your Purchase PIN.

Content Reviews & Ratings

After selecting an On Demand title, you'll find icons and information for movies that have been reviewed by Rotten Tomatoes and Flixster. Next to the icons, you'll find a number that represents the percentage of critics and audience members who gave a movie positive reviews. Learn more about the different icons below:

  • Red Tomato The Red Tomato represents mostly positive critic reviews.
  • Rotten Tomatoes The Rotten Tomato represents mostly negative critic reviews.
  • Popcorn icon The Popcorn represents mostly positive audience reviews.
  • Spilled Popcorn The Spilled Popcorn represents mostly negative audience reviews.

Common Sense Media Ratings

When available, a suggested age icon indicates the youngest appropriate age for viewers based on the program's specific content and overall developmental guidelines.

For additioanl program information, including whether the selected title contains violence, language, drinking/drug use, etc., select For Parents.

For Parents


Learn more about Parental Control options for the new Spectrum Guide.

To learn more about the new Spectrum Guide, please visit the new Spectrum Guide support page.