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Frequently Asked Questions




How do I start watching TV?

You'll see a welcome screen after you receive the new Spectrum Guide update. It'll walk you through the new guide setup. Press OK/Select on your remote to get started, then follow the on-screen prompts and watch the Get to Know Spectrum introduction video. After watching the video, press OK/Select on your remote to start watching. Learn more.


How do I use this guide?

The new Spectrum Guide makes finding something to watch easy, interesting and fun. When you press Menu on your remote, you'll have access to the following options:

  • Search: Find a specific program by entering the first few letters of a network, title, keyword or actor's name.
  • Guide: Find program listings, view program descriptions and more!
  • My Library: See your recently viewed programs, favorite channels, Watchlist and more.
  • TV Shows: Browse TV episodes On Demand.
  • Movies: Choose from thousands of Movies available On Demand.
  • Video Store: View titles available to rent On Demand.
  • Settings & Support: Manage closed captioning, parental controls, audio and video settings and more.


How do I filter or sort for specific programming in the Guide?

The new Spectrum Guide offers Filter and Sort options that allow you to easily find programs in the guide. Press A on your remote to open Guide Options, scroll down to Filter & Sort Channels and then press OK/Select. You can then choose to sort channels alphabetically or by channel number.

Also, you can filter the Guide to display specific programming, such as your Favorites. Learn more about managing your Favorites.


How do I find HD channels?

You can enable Auto-Tune to HD in the Guide Settings options. When this feature is turned On, the Guide automatically tunes to the HD (high definition) version of a channel if an SD (standard definition) channel is selected (when available).

Learn how to manage your Guide Settings in the new Spectrum Guide.


How do I access On Demand content?

On Demand content is broken into three categories: TV Shows, Movies and the Video Store (for On Demand rentals). Use the On Demand button on your remote or tune to Channel 1 in the Guide to access On Demand programming. You can also open the Spectrum Guide Main Menu to browse available On Demand titles:

  1. Press the Menu button on your remote.
  2. Use the arrow buttons to highlight TV Shows, Movies or Video Store, and then press OK/Select.

Learn more about accessing On Demand.

Note: You can filter On Demand results to show only TV Shows and Movies that are included with your subscription, or expand the list to show programs available in other subscription packages and rentals. Just change "Included with" to "< My Subscriptions >" just above Top Picks.


What is an On Demand PIN and how do I change it?

On Demand Lock lets you restrict or allow access to On Demand programming by setting a PIN. If you don't know your PIN or if you haven't created one yet, you can try entering 0000 or 1234 as the default. Learn more about On Demand Lock.


Where are my program reminders (timers)?

Program reminders are not currently available in the new Spectrum Guide.


What is a Watchlist?

Your Watchlist is saved in My Library and displays all of the On Demand titles that you've saved for future viewing.

Learn more about managing your Watchlist in the new Spectrum Guide.


How do I set up the Guide Narration feature?

This feature enables audible navigation support. There are three ways to access Guide Narration:

  1. Press A on your remote, then 3 and then OK/Select.
  2. Press A, scroll down to highlight Guide Narration and then press OK/Select.
  3. Press the Menu button, then scroll to Settings & Support and press OK/Select. Highlight and select Accessibility, then navigate to Guide Narration and press OK/Select.

Learn more about Accessibility options in the new Spectrum Guide.


How do I add or remove Closed Captions?

You can turn Closed Captioning On or Off in Settings & Support. Learn how.


How do I change my settings in the new Spectrum Guide?

You can manage your settings for the new Spectrum Guide in the Settings & Support menu.

After making changes to your settings, press Guide to exit the Settings & Support menu and return to live programming.

View our Spectrum Guide Settings Quick Reference page.


What Parental Control options do I have, and how can I change them?

The new Spectrum Guide offers many Parental Control options for blocking certain programming by channel, rating or content. You can also restrict access to On Demand programming with the On Demand Lock feature, or set Purchase Limits for Video Rentals.

Parental Control options can be found in the Settings & Support menu. Learn more.


What if my Spectrum Receiver shuts off automatically?

As an energy saving feature, your receiver can be set to automatically power off after 4 hours of inactivity. To turn this feature off, go to Settings & Support > Preferences > Digital Receiver > Power Settings.

Learn more about Power Settings in the new Spectrum Guide.


How do I change the picture size on my TV?

If the picture size is too big or too small for your TV screen, you can adjust the Aspect Ratio under Preferences in Settings & Support. You can adjust how Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) programming displays on your TV.

If the picture is still hard to see:

  • Adjust the Guide Background Color: You can switch between the Light Guide (better for brightly lit areas) or a Dark Guide (better for dim lighting).
  • Select the Video Format or resolution that best fits your TV.

If the error persists, please visit our new Spectrum Guide Picture Troubleshooting page.


How do I set my Spectrum Receiver to display the time?

Note: Not all receivers have a front panel display.

You can change the Front Panel Display on your receiver to show the current time, channel or nothing. The Time Display can be set to a 12 Hour Clock (e.g. 9:30 PM) or 24 Hour Clock (e.g. 21:30). You can also adjust the Front Panel Display Brightness.


What if I'm missing channels?

If you're missing channels, it's possible your Guide settings need to be adjusted. You can adjust your channel filters in the Guide by using your remote control.

You can also check your Parental Controls to see if Adult Titles are hidden from the Guide or if certain programming is blocked.

Otherwise, you can follow these Troubleshooting steps.


What if I have no or low audio?

There are two audio settings that could be affecting your volume: Stereo Audio and Audio Output.

You can adjust your Audio settings in Settings & Support. Learn how.

If the error persists, visit our new Spectrum Guide Audio Troubleshooting page.


What if programming is playing in the wrong language?

This may be due to the Secondary Audio Programming (SAP) feature. You can set your language preferences to address the problem or check our new Spectrum Guide Audio Troubleshooting page.


How can I learn more about the new Spectrum Guide?

Tune to channel 2400 or press Menu on your remote control, then navigate to Settings & Support > Support > Support Videos to watch helpful videos right on your TV.

Have additional questions or need help? Visit the new Spectrum Guide page.