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With the new Spectrum Guide, you can record a single episode of your favorite TV show, or the entire series. Use the quick links below to navigate to the section of your choice.


Quick Links


Set Recording

With My DVR, you can record a single program or all future episodes of a series.

  1. Press Guide on your remote control.
  2. Use the arrow buttons to navigate to the program you want to record and then press OK/Select.
    • If you choose a program that's currently airing, you'll be directed to the channel to watch the live show. If you want to record the live content, press the REC button.
    • If you choose a program that's airing at a future time, you'll be able to Record the episode, entire series or choose from other programming options.

Set Recording options


Recording Options

When you choose to record an episode or a series, the Set Episode/Series Recording screen will display the following options:

  • Keep Until: Choose how long you wish to save the recording on your DVR.
    • Space is Needed: The program will be automatically deleted when the DVR's available storage is less than 5 percent.
    • Deleted: Recordings are active until manually deleted.
  • Record Episodes: Schedule recordings for New Episodes Only or All Episodes.
  • Record Duplicates: Record multiple airings of the same episode.
  • Start Time: Set the start time as scheduled, or 1, 2 or 5 minutes early.
  • Stop Time: Set the stop time as scheduled or 1, 2 or 5 minutes later.
Note: Not all programming begins or ends exactly at the scheduled time. The above options can help ensure that you won't miss the end or beginning of your program.


Set Recording options


Edit or Cancel an Episode or Series Recording

  1. Press the DVR/My DVR button on your remote control or navigate to My Library in the Spectrum Guide main menu.
  2. Scroll to Scheduled using the arrow buttons and then press OK/Select.
  3. Use the arrow buttons to select the title you want to edit or cancel, and then press OK/Select.
  4. Select Edit Episode, Cancel Recording or Cancel Series Recording and then press OK/Select.
  5. Use the arrow buttons to edit or cancel the recording.


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