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With My DVR, you can take control of live TV by recording, pausing, rewinding and more.

The Progress Bar appears when you pause, fast forward or rewind live TV. It displays details such as the network, program duration and your progress through the program.

While watching live TV, you can control programs in the following ways:

  • Pause: Press Pause on the remote to pause programming and Play to resume.
  • Rewind: Press Rewind on the remote to move backward in a program.
    Press the Rewind button up to four times to increase the rewind speed. Press Play to resume normal play.
  • Fast Forward: Press Fast Forward on the remote to move forward in a recorded or time-shifted live TV program. Press the Fast Forward button up to four times to increase the fast-forward speed. Press Play to resume normal play.
  • Slow Motion: Your DVR has slow-motion forward and slow-motion rewind functions to give you crisp and clear frame-by-frame images.
    • To activate slow-motion forward, press Pause and then Forward or the right arrow.
    • To activate slow-motion rewind, press Pause and then Rewind or the left arrow.
    • To return to regular speed, press Play.
  • Instant Replay: With Instant Replay, you can easily skip back 10 seconds. To do so, press and hold the Left Arrow on the remote or press Replay.


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