High Definition (HD) Auto Tune automatically tunes Spectrum TV customers with HD Spectrum Receivers (cable boxes) to the HD version of any channel they select if that channel is available in HD. If a Standard Definition (SD) channel number is selected and there is an HD counterpart available, the receiver will automatically tune to the HD channel. This includes tuning to an SD channel directly using the Spectrum-issued remote or by selecting the channel through the interactive guide.

The SD channel numbers within the interactive program guide and channel banner remain the same, but the station letters and program information are updated to reflect the HD version of the channel.

DVR Recordings

When HD Auto Tune is enabled on a DVR, all scheduled recordings will record in HD. After scheduling a recording from either an SD or HD channel, you can access the DVR menu and modify the recording to record in SD.

Content recorded in high definition takes up more hard drive space on your DVR. So, while the visual quality of the recorded content is improved, you won't be able to record as many hours of content. Get more information about adding more hard drive space to your DVR.


Please be sure to check your parental controls to ensure that any program(s) you choose to block is blocked on both the HD and SD versions of the channel. If you currently have an SD channel blocked, the block may not transfer over to the HD channel.

If you have an SD TV connected to an HD receiver and notice that images on your TV don't fill the screen like they used to, you may wish to turn the HD Auto Tune feature OFF.

For information on how to enable and disable HD Auto Tune, select the TV Guide image that matches your On-Screen Guide.



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