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Note: In the Ft. Worth area, Spectrum Guide will update to the Passport Guide when you upgrade to Spectrum Pricing and Packaging.

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Currently, the guide is available to HD non-DVR Spectrum Receiver households in the Fort Worth, TX area.

Note: During the ongoing release, it's possible that you may experience different guides on the receivers in your home. Currently, the Spectrum Guide can be viewed on select non-DVR HD receivers; DVR or standard-definition receivers will continue to display the standard (Passport) guide. In the coming months, the Spectrum Guide will be deployed to all receivers in your area.

Quick Start Navigation

Accessing the Spectrum Guide

Note: While all Spectrum remote controls provide similar functionality, the button positioning and appearance of your remote control may vary.

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To get started with Spectrum Guide, press the MENU button on your remote control. This opens the Spectrum Guide Home page, where the blue navigation bar at the top offers easy access to the following interface pages:

  • Home
  • Guide
  • On Demand
  • Watchlist
  • Search
  • Settings
  • Message

Interactive Navigation Bar

Once you've initiated Spectrum Guide with your remote control, the primary navigation bar will be available at the top of the Spectrum Guide Home page.

You can make selections on the navigation bar by using the arrow buttons on your remote control and pressing the OK/SELECT button. The light blue highlight color on the navigation bar indicates the page you're currently viewing, and the green highlight color indicates the page to which you want to navigate.

Note: If you're viewing the Guide page, you can press either the Menu or Guide buttons on your remote to access the navigation bar.

Direct Navigation

You can navigate directly to specific Spectrum Guide interface pages using your remote control.

To navigate to the:

  • Home page: Press the MENU button.
  • Guide page: Press the GUIDE button.
  • On Demand page: Press the ON DEMAND button.
  • Watchlist page: Select the Watchlist icon from the navigation bar.
  • Search page: Select the Magnifying Glass icon from the navigation bar.
  • Settings page: Press the MENU button twice or select the Wheel icon from the navigation bar.
  • Message page: Select the Envelope icon from the general navigation bar.


The Home page displays the navigation bar and the program you're currently watching, as well as:

  • Recommendations that you may find interesting based on popular On Demand programming
  • Your Favorites list
  • Your Watchlist, which includes On Demand programming you've tagged to watch later

Not your guide? Find out which guide you have.