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Picture of URC2464 remote

Programming Codes:

Select a manufacturer from the list to view the three-digit programming codes for your device.

Not all manufacturer brands listed may be compatible with this remote.

Setup (Programming Device Control)

  1. Search for the device code using the list above.
  2. Turn on the TV you wish to program.
  3. Press the TV Power key on the remote.
  4. Press and hold TV and SEL until the LED blinks twice, then release.
  5. Enter the first 4-digit code listed for your brand.
  6. Press the TV Power key to test the TV control. If the TV turns off, you have found the correct code and it's saved automatically.
  7. If the TV doesn't turn off, repeat steps 2 through 6 trying each code listed for your brand until you find the correct code. If none of the codes work or the brand of your device isn't listed, you can try searching for your code.

Searching for Your Code

  1. Turn on your TV.
  2. Using the remote control, press TV once and then press and hold SETUP until the TV key blinks twice.
  3. Enter 9 9 1. The TV key blinks twice.
  4. Press 1 (the device code digit for your TV). The TV key blinks twice. Aim the remote control at the TV and press POWER once.
  5. Press and release the CH+ key continuously, then stop when the TV turns off.
    In search mode, the remote control sends IR codes fromits library to the selected device, starting with the most popular code first.
  6. Press POWER. When the TV turns on, press SETUP to lock in the code.
    If the TV doesn't turn on during step 6, slowly press and release CH- to go back through the codes and then press SETUP when the TV turns on.