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Programming Codes:

Select the manufacturer of your device from the list. The codes will appear below the list boxes.

Not all manufacturer brands listed may be compatible with this remote.

Blu-Ray Player:    


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Digital Receiver (Cable Box):  


Quick Set-Up Method

  1. Turn on the device you want to program.
  2. Point the remote at the TV and press and hold the TV key for 3 seconds. while holding the TV key, the POWER LED will turn off and on again. Press the number keys one at a time, starting with 1, then 2, 3, etc. until the TV turns off.
  3. Release the TV key to save the code. The power LED will blink twice to confirm the code has been stored.

Pre-Programmed 3-Digit Code Method

  1. Turn on the Component you want to program.
  2. Press the button (TV or DTA) of the component to be programmed and the OK button simultaneously for 3 seconds. The power LED light will turn on for 20 seconds indicating the unit is ready to be programmed.
  3. Point the remote control toward the component and enter the 3-digit code number assigned to your brand. If the 3-digit code number you just entered is correct, the component will turn off. If it doesn't, continue entering code numbers listed for the brand until the component turns off.
  4. After you've entered the correct code number and the component has turned off, press the POWER button to turn the component back on. Now test the VOLUME and MUTE buttons for the TV to make sure they all work. If any of the functions do not work as they should, repeat from step 3 using the next 3-digit code number listed for that brand until you find the best code.
  5. Once you have found the correct 3-digit code, save it by pressing the same component button one more time. The power LED light will blink twice to confirm that the code has been successfully stored.