Caller ID on TV (CIDTV) lets you see details of incoming and missed phone calls on your TV. There is no additional charge for Caller ID on TV when you subscribe to Spectrum Voice with Caller ID and Spectrum TV with a Spectrum Receiver (cable box). If you don't want to use this service, you can turn it off and manage Caller ID on TV settings with your Spectrum remote control.

About Caller ID (CID)
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Note: Caller ID on TV is not available in the Southern California region (Los Angeles County) and is not compatible with analog receivers or CableCARDS.

The content below explains basic information about Caller ID on TV. To find out how to use the feature on your receiver, find your guide and read the detailed instructions on how to use Caller ID on TV on your receiver.



Digital TV Service

Caller ID on TV is only available if you subscribe to a Spectrum Digital TV package.

Spectrum Voice Phone Service

Caller ID on TV is only available with select Spectrum Voice packages.

Basic phone service does not qualify for CIDTV unless you purchased optional Caller ID.

CIDTV only works with the primary phone number. TV call alerts do not appear for incoming calls on secondary phone numbers or distinctive ring numbers.

Note: If you have more than one receiver, the CIDTV settings on each box are independent of each other. When the settings are changed on one receiver, the changes don't affect the other receivers.


Caller ID on TV features vary based on which interactive program guide you have. The following features are available on all guides:

Call Alert

When an incoming call is received, the TV alert displays for several seconds, alternating between the caller's name and number, before disappearing automatically.

If two calls are received around the same time, the most recent call will override the first call received.

Impacts to Recordings

If you're recording and watching a program you'll see the caller information unless you turn off CIDTV, however if you're recording to watch a program later, your program will not record any Caller ID on TV information. You'll be able to see the call in the call logs.



Calls not displaying

  1. CIDTV may be turned off. Check the settings to verify Notification is turned set to "On."
  2. If your guide features the Snooze feature, it may be active. Check to verify if the Snooze feature is set to "On." Change the setting to "Off" to re-activate CIDTV. Note: This feature isn't available on all guides.
  3. Refresh your receiver to reset the functionality. Note: If you refresh your receiver, it may take up to 24 hours for your Caller ID on TV feature to reactivate.
  4. Verify you subscribe to a Spectrum Voice phone package that includes Caller ID and the receiver can support CIDTV.
    • You may have a mixture of receivers in your home where some can support CIDTV and others cannot, refer to the requirements at the beginning of this article to determine if your equipment supports CIDTV.
  5. If you've just installed Spectrum Voice service, you won't receive CIDTV alerts for up to 48 hours after activation of service.
  6. If you're receiving Caller ID on TV on at least one of your receivers, and only one is responding to the above trouble shooting steps, you'll need to contact us.


Non-Qualifying Customers

If you don't meet the qualifications for CIDTV but you are interested in registering for CIDTV, contact us.