Fuzzy or Snowy Picture

Verify that all of the cable wire connections are connected securely. If you're still experiencing issues, visit our TV Troubleshooting support page.

Missing Channels

Important Note: Don't remove or insert your CableCARD with your TV powered on. Review your manufacturer instructions for removing/inserting CableCARD.
  1. Verify your CableCARD is fully inserted into your TV or CableCARD device.
  2. Turn off and unplug your CableCARD device.
  3. Remove CableCARD from your CableCARD device for 30 seconds.
  4. Re-insert CableCARD.
  5. Plug in the CableCARD device and power it on.
  6. Unplug your TV from the outlet, leaving the CableCARD inserted.
  7. Plug the TV back into the outlet after 60 seconds.

CableCARD Error Messages

Follow the steps below to resolve common CableCARD Error Messages.

  • Tuning Adapter Missing: Verify that the tuning adapter is plugged in and turned on.
  • Service Not Available or Temporarily Unavailable: Press LAST on the remote to the return to the previous channel.
  • Please Press SELECT (OK) to Continue Watching This Channel:
    1. Press Select to attempt to view the channel.
    2. If the issue isn't resolved, contact us.
  • Receiving Pairing Screen: This error message indicates the TV doesn't know how to process a selected channel. Please contact us for additional assistance.

Card Not Functioning

Verify that the CableCARD is inserted into the correct slot on the back of the TV.

Note: Don't insert the CableCARD into the memory slot provided on some TV models.

Can't Order Pay-Per-View or Video on Demand

CableCARDs can't be used with services such as PPV or VOD. Please contact us if you'd like to change your Spectrum TV subscription and receive these services.

Channel Descriptions Don't Match TV Guide Listings

The channel description field in the Spectrum database may contain more characters than the TV can display (typically 7 to 12 characters).

CableCARD Doesn't Work With New TV

Every CableCARD paired with a TV has a unique Data Security Certificate number, located on the card's Pairing Screen. When the TV was replaced, this number changed. Please contact us if you need assistance.

Dark Channels

This indicates the CableCARD has not been set up to receive encrypted channels, or Spectrum needs to correct the information in our billing system. Please contact us to verify the serial number of the card and the numbers from the Pairing Screen.

Blank Screen

If you're experiencing a blank screen on your TV while using a CableCARD, unplug your TV/DVR and wait one minute before plugging it back in. A blank screen may also indicate an authorization problem. CableCARDs are used to control copy protection capabilities and must be authenticated at a Copy Protection Management System (CPMS). Spectrum has several CPMS systems covering our customers. Please contact us.

Switched Digital Video (SDV)

CableCARD (CC) devices do not currently support SDV without the aid of a Tuning Adapter (TA). Learn more about Tuning Adapters.

Setting Parental Controls

Parental Controls can't be set through your CableCARD. Please refer to your TV user manual for additional assistance. Learn more about Parental Controls.