Due to the various system requirements from different electronics manufacturers, we recommend you to refer to the CableCARD and Tuning Adaptor installation instructions that are provided by the manufacturer of your device.

Installing the CableCARD

  1. Record the Serial Number on the reverse side of your CableCARD.
    Cablecard Serial Number
  2. Install the CableCARD by following the instructions in your device's user manual. Installation usually involves inserting the CableCARD into a slot in the rear or bottom of your device.
  3. After installing your CableCARD, you'll experience a short delay while a prompt is displayed on your TV.
  4. Record the Host ID and Data ID of your device for activation.
    Host Info
  5. After recording the Host ID and Data ID, call (833) 267-6094 to complete activation.



CableCARD customers subscribing to any service package in which Spectrum-leased equipment is included in the package price, may receive a discounted price, reduced by an amount equal to/greater than the fee for such equipment not leased from us. We lease CableCARDs for $2.00 per month per CableCARD for use in customer-owned retail CableCARD-ready devices. Spectrum receivers also include either a CableCARD or integrated security inside the device. Our lease rate for Spectrum receivers with a CableCARD includes a $2.00 imputed charge for the included CableCARD.