Parental Controls allow you to regulate what your kids are able to watch on TV or access online. Parental Controls are managed separately for your Spectrum Receiver, the Spectrum TV App, and TV channel apps. Learn more about managing your Parental Control settings below.

On Your TV

  • You can block specific programs based on channel, rating restrictions, or air date and time. Select the Guide you use for further instructions.
  • If you use a CableCARD, you'll need to set parental controls using your TV.



  • You can set Spectrum email Parental Controls to restrict what email addresses users can send mail to and receive mail from.
  • You can set Online Safety/Parental Controls through Security Suite to protect users from harmful or unsuitable content.
  • You can set up Parental Controls on your WiFi router to filter the content that flows through your network. To learn how to set Parental Controls on your router, consult its user manual.


On the Spectrum TV App


On TV Channel Apps

  • You can manage parental controls for individual TV channel apps through each app's settings menu.