To view your bill, sign in to Select the Menu icon in the top left hand corner of any page. Choose Manage Account and then select Billing.

billing option in the header

View Current Bill

From the Billing page, select View Current Bill to view your most recent statement in a new window.


View Current Bill


Change Bill Delivery Options

You can choose to receive your monthly statement online or by mail.

  1. From the Billing page, select Change Bill Delivery Option.
  2. Select Online Bill or Paper and Online Bill.
  3. Select Save to confirm your changes.


Bill Delivery Option


You'll receive an email within a few minutes confirming your preferred statement delivery method.


View Important Bill Messages

From the Billing page, select View Important Bill Messages and a new window will show you your most recent billing messages.



The Statement section lets you view your statements for the last six months and provides a snapshot of your current account balance, including any remaining balance, statement balance, recent activity and payments received after your last statement. You can select Make Payment to make a payment directly from this section.

In this section, you can also:

  • View your contact information and billing address.
  • Access the necessary forms to change the name on your account.
  • Arrange a transfer of your services to a new address.


View Previous Statements

The View Previous Statements section displays access to previous statements. Select the billing date to view previous statements.

View Previous Statements

Payment History

The Payment History section displays your payment history and whether each payment was accepted, rejected or canceled.


Recent Transactions

Recent Transactions displays charges and credits since your last statement.

  • Payments: includes recent payment activity
  • Recent On Demand: includes On Demand and Spectrum Pay-Per-View
  • Recent Phone Activity: includes outbound long-distance since your last payment
  • Recent Other Activity: includes other miscellaneous charges