Spectrum Auto Pay is a convenient way to pay your bill every month. The service is available at no extra charge to help you make sure your bill is paid on time without the hassle of buying stamps or writing checks. Once you set up Auto Pay, your monthly statement balance will be paid by whichever method you select: checking/savings account or debit/credit card.

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We accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.


Note: You can now pay your bill using the My Spectrum app. Learn more.


Important Information About Auto Pay


  • Your Statement: When you enroll in Auto Pay, you'll continue to receive your monthly billing statement. However, instead of seeing a due date on your bill, you'll see an Auto Pay date. That's the date your automatic payment will be processed.
  • Date of Monthly Payment: You'll be able to see your Auto Pay payment date on Spectrum.net under Account Summary or Billing starting with the next billing cycle after enrollment.
  • Head of Household: Only those with a Head of Household or Administrator account can set up or cancel Auto Pay. Accounts with Standard permissions can't access Auto Pay settings. To set up or cancel Auto Pay, sign in as Head of Household or Administrator.
  • Changing Your Payment Information: The Head of Household or Administrator can change Auto Pay information (method of payment, credit or debit card expiration date) at any time.
  • Your First Payment: When you enroll in Auto Pay, your account will automatically be set up to pay your existing balance on its due date.
Note: If you update or change your payment method close to the date your bill is due, your payment may not be processed and you could be charged a late fee. In this case, we recommend that you monitor your bill for accuracy and, if necessary, make a one-time manual payment to avoid late fees. Updated Auto Pay information will take effect by the next billing cycle.