Spectrum.net now has a new homepage and improved site design that allows you to easily access your account information, get support and watch TV online. Learn more about navigating the new Spectrum.net below.


New Sign In Experience

While the site may look different, you'll still use the same username and password you've been using to access your account on Spectrum.net. If you forgot your username or password, visit our Sign-In Help page.

Note: When you first sign in to Spectrum.net, you'll need to re-enter your username and password, even if you've previously saved that information in your Web browser. You'll only need to do this once if you choose Remember Me when you sign in.

The Menu option in the upper left-hand corner of the screen will help you navigate Spectrum.net and includes options to Manage Account, Get Support or Watch TV.

You can also select the Support link or Magnify Glass icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to search for popular Spectrum solutions.

If you have questions, you can use our Ask Spectrum virtual assistant to learn more about your Spectrum services and account.


layout of new Spectrum.net homepage

Manage Account

To get started, sign in using your Spectrum username and password. You'll be redirected to the Account Summary page, where you can view account information, pay your bill and get support for your Spectrum services. You can also:

  • Select the Billing tab to view charge details and additional statement information. Only users with Head of Household or Admin permissions can view billing information.
  • Choose the TV, Internet or Voice tabs to manage the Spectrum services you subscribe to and view equipment information.
  • Use the Settings tab to create new users and update your account information. Only users with Head of Household and Administrator permissions can manage other users.


Tap the image below and select one of the orange buttons for information about each feature.

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Account Summary

View account information, pay your bill and get support for your Spectrum services.



Access your Spectrum email account to view your messages or send a new email. Spectrum email is available only to Spectrum Internet customers. The Email icon will only display at the top of your screen if you have an active Spectrum email account. Learn more about creating a Spectrum email.


Voice Online Manager

Check your voicemail and manage your Spectrum Voice features online. Voice Online Manager is available only to Spectrum Voice customers. If you don't subscribe to Spectrum Voice, the telephone icon won't display at the top of your screen.


Manage Users

Head of Household or Admin users can view or change a user's account settings, permissions and communication preferences. Learn more about user roles and permissions.



Head of Household or Admin users can view their balance due and statement details. Standard users don't have access to billing information.


Popular Support Topics

View support information for Spectrum services. Select Get More Support to visit the full Support section of Spectrum.net.


Your Services & Equipment

Find information about your Spectrum TV Internet and Voice services and equipment. You can also view available upgrades and add a new line of service to your account.


Watch TV

You'll be directed to SpectrumTV.com, where you can watch all your favorite programming right on your computer.



If you have an upcoming service or installation visit, you'll see schedule information at the top of the Account Summary page below your username and account number. Depending on the type of appointment you have scheduled, you may be able to cancel or reschedule. Learn more about managing your appointments.

Note: You'll no longer see the Watch TV tab at the top of your screen. To view programming online, select the Menu icon in the upper left-hand corner of your screen and then choose Watch TV from the dropdown menu. You can also scroll down to the Watch TV section on the new Spectrum.net homepage. You'll be redirected to SpectrumTV.com.

If you need more help, visit our support page for more assistance with signing in, as well as support for all of your Spectrum products and services.