The following information will help you connect your Nintendo Wii U to your wireless network.

  1. Using your Wii U GamePad, select System Settings from the Wii U menu.


    Start icon with wrench on System Settings menu
  1. Using the Left Stick, select the Internet icon and press the A Button.


    Internet icon globe with wrench
  1. Select Connect to the Internet.


    Connect to internet button with globe icon
  1. Choose your wireless network.
  2. Enter your WiFi password. If you don't know your WiFi password, get help locating it.
  3. The Wii U will now perform a connection test. If the connection test is successful, select OK to continue.
  4. When asked if you'd like to make this your default connection, select Set if you want this to be your default connection or No if you don't.
  5. The Wii U may ask you to perform an update. Select Update to perform the system update, or select Cancel to skip.

Please refer to the owner's manual or visit Nintendo's Wii U Support Site for further instructions.