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You can create up to seven Spectrum email addresses for no additional charge as soon as your Spectrum Internet service is active. Learn more about creating a new Spectrum email account.

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Unified Inbox

With Spectrum-issued email, you can add and view messages from third-party email accounts (i.e. Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) to organize all of your email in one place.

Note: Spectrum has email settings stored for many popular email providers. However, if you're adding an email account from a third party, you will be prompted to enter the IMAP and SMTP Server info for your provider. You can find this in your email provider's help documentation.

Add Email Account

To add a third-party email account:

  1. Select the Charter drop-down menu in the upper left corner of the Email page.
  2. Select Add New Account + and enter the email address you wish to add and the password associated with the account.
  3. Select Test.
    1. If you've entered valid credentials, you'll receive a Login Verified message.
    2. Select Next to set optional attributes for the account (account nickname, real name, etc.).
  4. Use the same drop down menu to select which account you wish to view.
    1. When "Charter" is selected, only your Spectrum email is shown.
    2. When your third-party email address is selected, only that email is shown.
    3. When Show All Accounts is selected, can see all emails in the inbox for all of the accounts set up through the Unified Inbox.
Folders don't appear in the Show All Accounts view, but they are shown when viewing one email account at a time.

Remove Email Account

To remove a third-party email account:

  1. Select Settings at the top of the Email page.
  2. Select Account Settings on the left of the page.
  3. Select the account you want to delete, scroll down and select Delete Account.