POP and IMAP are two different settings used to access your email account. The IMAP setting allows you to view your emails on multiple devices, while the POP setting means your messages are deleted from the email server once they've been downloaded to a single device.

Note: The IMAP setting is required when configuring your Spectrum email.

Switching from POP to IMAP allows you to transfer existing emails from one email account to another. Follow the instructions below to avoid losing your email messages or folders when switching to IMAP to use Spectrum Email.

Note: Instructions may vary based on the email client you're using.
  1. In your account settings, enable the Leave messages on server option.
  2. Disable Send/Receive in your email client to make sure no new messages are delivered to the POP-enabled mailbox.
  3. Create an IMAP-enabled account for your email address within the same email client. Instructions on how to do this should be available from your email provider.
  4. Delete your POP mailbox account from the email client.
  5. Create a storage or data folder (Outlook calls these PST), then drag and drop the messages and/or folders you wish to keep into the new folder.
  6. After you've transfered your emails/folders, you can delete your POP mailbox.


Email Settings

For optimal results, we recommend using the settings below when configuring your Spectrum email account:

User Information Email Settings
Your Name: Enter Your Name
Email Address: YourEmail@charter.net
Server Information
Account Type: POP/IMAP IMAP
Incoming Email Server: mobile.charter.net
Outgoing Email Server: mobile.charter.net
Information
Username: YourUsername@charter.net
Password: The password you use to sign in to your email account
More Settings
Incoming Server (IMAP): 993
Outgoing Server (SMTP): 587
SSL: This setting should be ON for both SMTP and IMAP.
Requires Authentication: Yes, or checked (Use same settings as my incoming mail server)


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