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The following information will help you manage Security Suite Parental Controls on your Mac computer.

Set Parental Controls

  1. Open Security Suite.
  2. From the Antivirus tab, select Preferences as shown in the image below:
Security Suite Preferences option
  1. When the Preferences window opens, select the Parental Control tab.
  2. Choose the box next to Turn on Content Blocker to enable Parental Controls and customize your settings.
parental control options in Security Suite for Mac

Note: You may need to select the Lock icon at the bottom of the Parental Control window in order to make changes to your settings. If prompted, enter the password for your computer to allow changes to be made.

  1. Select the box next to each content category you wish to block. This allows you to restrict access to websites based on their content.
  2. You can also create a list of website exceptions. This allows you to access websites that may otherwise be blocked due to the content you have chosen to block.


Website Exceptions

You can create a list of website exceptions that bypass your Parental Control and Browser Protection settings. If a website is added to the website exception list it won't be blocked for any reason.

Learn more about Security Suite Browsing Protection for Mac.

For help with your Mac, visit Apple support.