Your Spectrum Internet subscription includes Security Suite licenses for up to 10 computers.

Manage Your Licenses

To view your Security Suite licenses:

  1. Sign in to with a Head of Household (HoH) or Administrator (Admin) username.
  2. Select Internet.
  3. Select Go to Security Suite to install, deactivate or reinstall a Security Suite license.

If Security Suite is already open, you can also select Manage Devices at the bottom of the window. You'll be redirected to to review your licenses.

Note: It's important to deactivate any devices that no longer require Security Suite. Licenses will renew automatically as long as you remain an active Spectrum Internet customer. To view your license and subscription information, open Security Suite and select the Question Mark icon.

Device Nickname

When installing Security Suite on your computer or laptop, you'll be prompted to create a unique nickname for your device.

A Device Nickname must be shorter than 16 characters and consist of letters, numbers, dashes and/or underscores. For example: Mom- Computer; Joey - Laptop 1, etc.

To edit the nickname of a device, select Reinstall on the Spectrum Security Suite page.

Transfer Security Suite Licenses

You can transfer a Security Suite license from one device to another if you’ve used the maximum number of licenses.

Security Suite Reinstall
  1. Locate the device you'd like to remove Security Suite from and then select Reinstall to transfer the license to the current device you're using.
  2. The Reinstall Security Suite window will open. Select Reinstall to proceed.
  3. You'll be prompted to select your Operating System and create a Device Nickname. Select Install to continue.
  4. The Security Suite software will then download to the device.
  5. Select Run to proceed.
  6. You should receive a message stating that your subscription has been extended.
  7. Select Close to exit.

You can also select Deactivate to remove Security Suite from unused devices to free up a license to be used on another device. You'll need to repeat the installation process for each device.

Security Suite Deactivate
Note: When a license is deactivated, the device is no longer protected by Security Suite. Deactivating a license won't uninstall the Security Suite Software from the device.


License Limit Exceeded

Your Spectrum Internet subscription includes Security Suite licenses for up to 10 computers. Once all 10 licenses are in use, an Administrator on the account will need to deactivate a device before a new license can be installed.

License Deactivated or Reinstalled

You'll be notified when a license has been deactivated or reinstalled on a different device. This alert informs you that your computer is no longer protected by Spectrum's Security Suite.

If you haven't exceeded your license limit, you can install Security Suite.

No Longer Have Active Service

Security Suite software installed on your computer will expire if you're no longer an active Spectrum Internet customer. You'll need to utilize an alternative security product to protect your computer.