Computer viruses can damage your files and slow the overall speed at which your system operates. We recommend taking the following steps to repair and protect your computer from future infection:

Scan your Computer for Viruses

Antivirus software is used to remove malicious programs from your computer and prevent future infection. If you have antivirus software installed on your computer, download the latest virus definitions and security patches and then run a virus scan. If you don't have antivirus software installed or it's expired, an online virus scanner can be used to clean your computer.

Spectrum offers an AntiBot Scanner as part of its Security Suite, and Microsoft offers a Malicious Software Removal Tool.

Manual Virus Removal

Manual virus removal may be required if the methods above were unsuccessful. If you know the name of the virus infecting your computer, perform an online search with the key word "removal" in front of the virus name. Use caution when browsing links and only take advice from reputable sites.

Note: Manually removing a virus can be a tedious and a difficult task. If you don't feel comfortable with the process, take your computer to a professional.

Reformat the Hard Drive

Reformatting your hard drive will delete all of your personal files and should be used as a last resort to remove viruses from your computer. Make sure to backup all important files prior to reformatting your hard drive. Refer to your operating system manufacturer for more information.

Managing Windows System Restore

Microsoft Windows System Restore allows users to restore their PCs to a point in time before an issue began. System Restore should be turned off to clear your hard drive of previous memory points and ensure a virus doesn't re-infect your computer. However, once your computer is virus free, System Restore should be turned back on. Learn more.

Maintaining a Healthy Computer

The following information will help protect your computer from viruses and other malicious programs:

  • Install antivirus, anti-spyware, and firewall programs. Spectrum provides Security Suite to its internet customers.
  • Upgrade your operating system to the latest version and set up automatic updates.
  • Create a strong username and password for your online accounts.