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The Longhorn Network (LHN) is now available to customers in select areas. The Longhorn Network App provides access to your favorite University of Texas sports programming on your computer, laptop, iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Watch anytime, anywhere.

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Access Longhorn Network (LHN) App

Sign In to Longhorn

Online and mobile content is available for Longhorn Network (LHN). The online and mobile content can be accessed on SpectrumTV.com

Access Restrictions:
  • You must be subscribed to this network or channel as part of your Spectrum TV service to access the Live Stream online or through a mobile device.
  • Access to live streaming content may be restricted by your location.
  • On Demand content is available regardless of your location.

To Download Apps and Sign In:

  1. Download and install the Longhorn Network (LHN) app from your device app store.
  2. Once downloaded, tap on the app.
  3. Select Spectrum as your TV provider.
  4. Enter your Spectrum username and password and tap the Sign In button.

Get app sign-in help  .


Forgot Username/Password

Your sign-in credentials will be the same ones you use to access other Spectrum TV content.

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Can't Sign In

Try the following steps:

  • Make sure you have Longhorn Network as part of your Spectrum TV service.
  • Make sure you are signing in using the correct username and password. Get username and password help.
  • If possible, try uninstalling and reinstalling the Longhorn Network app.

User Not Authorized

Access to the Longhorn Network Online and the Longhorn Network mobile app is only available for Spectrum TV subscribers who subscribe to the Longhorn Network channel as part of their TV package. The Longhorn Network is available to customers in:

  • Texas
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Virginia
  • Tennessee (Select Areas)

You'll see the error message "User Not Authorized Error" after signing in to Longhorn Network   or the Longhorn Network mobile app if you don't subscribe to the Longhorn Network as part of your Spectrum TV service.



User not authorized


Longhorn Network Mobile App:


Unable to play video message