A Media Access Control (MAC) address or MAC ID is a unique identifier assigned to Spectrum equipment for communications on our network. A MAC address/ID (serial number) is displayed in a group of 12 characters, including numbers and letters, and is generally found on a sticker located on the bottom or rear of your Spectrum device.

Note: Your equipment may contain more than one MAC sticker with identical information. For example: MAC 0123456789AB or MAC ADDRESS 0123456789AB

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Your Account MAC is the last four characters of the MAC ID/MAC address or serial number associated with your equipment. When entering the last four digits of the MAC address (serial number) to reset your password or retrieve your username, don't use EMAC or CN, and be sure to include numbers and letters only. 

Equipment containing a MAC address/ID (serial number) includes:

  • Internet Modem
  • Spectrum Receiver
  • Voice (Phone)/Converged Enabled Modem (CEM)
Note: The MAC address (serial number) of a standalone wireless router (different from a modem) can't be used to identify equipment on our network.

Below is an example of the sticker you may find on your Spectrum equipment. Please note that the sticker may vary depending on the device. 

MAC ID Voice/Converged Enabled Modem sticker