On Spectrum.net, you can check your email, pay your bill and get support for your Spectrum services. Use the quick links below to navigate to a section of your choice.

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  General Information
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General Information

System Requirements

Learn more about supported web browsers and operating systems.

Sign In

To fully enjoy Spectrum services, you should sign in to Spectrum.net. Learn now to create a username.

sign in box on the spectrum.net homepage

Sign Out

  • To manually sign out of Spectrum.net, select the Menu icon in the top left hand corner of any page on Spectrum.net, and then choose Sign Out.
  • To protect sensitive information, you'll be automatically signed out of Spectrum.net after a specified period of inactivity.

These areas of Spectrum.net are limited to the following periods of inactivity:

  • Manage Account: 15 minutes
  • Email: 24 hours
  • Voice Online Manager (VOM): 60 minutes
  • Watch TV and Home Page: 90 days
  • Spectrum.net Support: none


The Menu option in the upper left-hand corner of the screen will help you navigate Spectrum.net and includes options to Manage Account, Get Support or Watch TV.

Top Right Navigation

top right navigation menu

After you sign into Spectrum.net, the Top Right Navigation Menu is customized to reflect the signed in username and the following:

Email Icon

If you have created a Spectrum email account, the Email Icon represents number of new emails. Select the Email Icon to manage your email account. Get more detailed email support.

Once you've set up your Spectrum.net username and password, you have the option to create a Spectrum email account. Learn more.

Voice Icon

If you have Spectrum Voice service and your username has permission to access Voice Online Manager, the Voice Icon represents the number of new voice messages. Select the Voice Icon to manage your Spectrum Voice service. Get more information about Voice Online Manager.


View popular support topics and find answers to questions you may have about your Spectrum account and services.


The username of the person that is currently signed in to Spectrum.net appears in the top right hand corner. Select the username to open Settings and manage your user preferences.

  • Users with Head of Household and Administrator permissions can manage other users.
  • Users with Standard permissions can view their set Account Controls.


Account Navigation

main account header with billing, services and settings options

Note: You must sign in to access some areas of Spectrum.net. To access Billing and Auto Pay you must be signed in with the Head of Household or Administrator username.

Account Summary

Aftering signing in to Spectrum.net, you're redirected to the Account Summary page, which provides an overview of your account information.


The Billing page allows you to manage and pay your bill, view billing statements, sign up for Auto Pay and more.

TV Services & Equipment

On the TV page, you can activate, refresh and manage your Spectrum TV equipment. You can also give your Spectrum Reciver(s) a nickname and learn how to program your remote.

Internet Services & Equipment

The Internet page provides access to your email, Security Suite and Cloud Drive (if applicable).You can also troubleshoot your internet connection and find more information about your Spectrum Internet devices.

Voice Services & Equipment

On the Voice page, you can view information about your Voice services, get support and access Voice Online Manager.


The Settings page displays a list of active usernames associated with your account. You can quickly add or edit users here, and manage your user preferences, including your password, contact info, account controls and more.

Site Search

The Spectrum.net Search option displays search term results making it easier to locate the information you need. Select the Magnify Glass icon and then enter a keyword or question to find support.

Bottom Navigation

Ask Spectrum

The Spectrum Virtual Support Expert provides easy access to helpful support articles and troubleshooting.

Select the Ask Spectrum icon located at the bottom of your screen, then enter a question into the text field and select Send. If support content or instructions are available, the Virtual Support Expert opens the page for you to view. Learn more.

ask spectrum icon on the bottom of your screen while viewing any page on spectrum.net

Spectrum Store Locations

Find the closest Spectrum store. Enter your ZIP code or street address and city and find the nearest Spectrum store on the map.

Weather Outage Information

Find information about service or power outages in your area.

Contact Us

Find contact information and get support.