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Whether you're moving to a new home or apartment, it's easy to transfer your cable, high-speed internet and telephone services to your new address. On the Spectrum moving resource page  , you'll learn how to move your services, plus download free moving tips and a moving day countdown calendar.

Here are some steps to get started:


Frequently Asked Questions:

  How do I find out if I'm in a Spectrum service area?

Visit our moving resource page and enter your new address. If we offer services in your aream you'll see a confirmation message. If not, visit the Cable Mover site to see who offers services at your new address.

  How do I notify you that I'm moving?

If you're moving within the Spectrum service area, contact us and let us know. If you're moving outside of a Spectrum service area, visit the Cable Mover site to learn about your new provider.

  How does the move affect my services and equipment?

Contact us and we'll let you know if you can take your equipment with you or if you'll need to return it to a local Spectrum store. You can also schedule an installation appointment. Note: In order to move your Spectrum services, your account balance must be up-to-date. Check your account balance.

Please note that Spectrum Voice is a fixed-wire line service, designed to be used only in the home in which the service is installed. The phone modem, or Multimedia Terminal Adaptor (MTA), that we install in your home is the property of Charter Communications. Moving your Voice service equipment from its original location may provide emergency responders the wrong address information when answering 911 calls placed from your equipment. When relocating, always contact us so we can properly move your service to ensure 911 calls are properly routed. Learn more.

  How does it affect my bill?

If you move within a Spectrum service area, you can keep your Spectrum account and you’ll be able to pay your bill in your normal fashion. You can also contact us to see if you're eligible for any new promotions.