To maintain and comply with programming contractual requirements, Charter Communications conforms to the industry standard copy capabilities of digital services. This policy (known as Copy Control Information or CCI) limits the ability of our customers to copy programming into other formats. The television program is embedded with digital video content information that describes the duplication rules for Spectrum Video Services. This policy reduces illegal duplication and distribution of movies, sporting events and other entertainment content.

Our Spectrum Receivers comply with these industry policies.

Copy Control Information Rules

Different programs carry different copying rules. There are four possibilities:

  • Copy Freely: Any number of copies may be produced.
  • Copy Once: Only one copy of the content is permitted.
  • Copy No More: A copy of the content has already occurred and no more copies are permitted.
  • Copy Never: Copying of the content is never permitted.
  • Digital video content tagged with a CCI value other than Copy Freely is considered "High Value" content.
  • Generally, digital basic services are tagged as Copy Freely.
  • Premium services are tagged as Copy Once.
  • Pay-Per-View (PPV) and Video on Demand (VOD) services are tagged as Copy Never.

The CCI values are carried along with digital content streams from our systems and are set on a service-by-service basis.

Impacts to Customers with CableCARD devices and Firewire

With CableCARD devices, the CableCARD decrypts authorized digital services before passing the video content to the television or host device. If the content is tagged as "High Value" with a CCI value of Copy Once, Copy No More or Copy Never, the CableCARD must re-encrypt the content before passing the content to the television or host device. This re-encryption protects the content from illegal duplication.

Some affected digital channels display an on-screen error message when CCI is implemented and a customer using a CableCARD, TiVo, or similar device attempts to view their programming.


CableCARD Access screen


In order for the CableCARD and Host device to encrypt and decrypt the "High Value" content, the CableCARD must have been validated or paired with the host. If you've received the error message shown above, please contact us to have your CableCARD properly registered for your account. This will clear the message.

An additional requirement for digital devices, such as Spectrum HD/DVR receivers, is that external digital interfaces such as 1394 Firewire ports must also apply the CCI rules. There may be cases when you're not able to record content via a 1394 interface if that contact has been tagged with a "High Value" CCI value. This is due to copy protection policies.

Rules for Personal Video Recording Devices (TiVo)

Personal Video Recording devices, such as TiVo, are also affected by the CCI rules.

For Example, the TiVo Series3 HD Digital Media Recorder is a digital device that uses CableCARD(s) to receive digital video programming.

It must also comply with the CCI rules as follows:

  • Copy Freely - Copy Not Restricted: This content is not considered high value and can be recorded freely with no restrictions.
  • Copy Once - One Generation Copy Is Permitted: This content can be recorded to a TiVo DVR and can be moved, but cannot be copied or distributed any further.
  • Copy No More - No Further Copying Is Permitted: This content can be recorded to a TiVo DVR, but cannot be copied or distributed any further.
  • Copy Never - Copying Is Prohibited: These programs can be recorded to a TiVo DVR, but only for a 90-minute window, after which they can no longer be accessed or viewed.

For more information regarding copying digital programming, please contact us.