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Pairing Your Remote to Your Spectrum Receiver Using RF

If you have a Spectrum 100 or Spectrum 200 receiver, you can program your remote to work with radio frequencies (RF) with a specific receiver. This will allow you more freedom to control your Spectrum receiver, as it doesn't require line of sight.

When you launch Spectrum Guide, you'll be prompted to pair your remote using radio frequencies:


RF Pair One


  1. Press the Options button on your remote.
  2. The Spectrum Guide will let you know when it's connected:


RF Pair One


You can also set up the RF pairing in your Spectrum Guide:

  1. Navigate to Settings & Support > Support and select Remote Control.


RF Pair One


  1. Choose RF Pair New Remote

.RF Pair Step 2

  1. Select RF Pair Remote.

RF Pair Step 3


  1. Your remote will now be paired with that specific Spectrum receiver
  2. If these steps don't work, you can use the instructions and codes below to pair your remote is already paired with your Spectrum receiver using infrared (IR).

Unpair/Reset your remote

If you'd like to unpair your remote:

  1. Press and hold the Menu button and down arrow simultaneously on your remote control.
  2. Next, press 9 8 7.

If you'd like to reset your remote back to factory settings:

  1. Press and hold the Menu and OK button simultaneously on your remote control.
  2. Next, press 9 8 1.
Note: Resetting your remote unpairs and clears programmed TV and audio codes.