Parental Controls allow you to monitor which programs your children are allowed to watch. By creating a Personal Identification Number (PIN), you can block specific programs based on channel, rating restrictions or air date and time. You also have the option to hide adult titles from the Guide.

The following information will help you manage Parental Locks and Purchase PINs on your Cisco/Scientific Atlanta Spectrum receiver.

Scientific/Cisco remote
Cisco / Scientific Atlanta Remote.

PIN Setup

Parental Control PINs can be managed in the General Settings menu of the Guide.

Follow the steps below using your remote control:

  1. Press the Menu button twice followed by A to access the General Settings menu.
  2. Use the arrow buttons to select Parental Control and then Locking Status to make sure parental locks are turned on.  
  3. Press OK/Select to accept parental controls.
  4. Press the A button when the initial PIN setup dialog box appears.
  5. Enter and confirm your four-digit PIN.
  6. Press the A button to complete PIN setup.
  7. To edit your PIN, select Change PIN from the General Settings menu.
  8. Press the Exit button to return to programming.

Manage Parental Locks

Set locks at any time in the Guide or while watching live TV. Press the Menu button on your remote and select Activate Parental Control. Enter your four-digit Parental Locks PIN to activate your previously set locks.

You can also manage your parental control preferences in the General Settings menu of the Guide:

  1. Press the Menu button twice followed by A to access General Settings.
  2. Use the arrow buttons to select Parental Control and then Locking Status.
  3. Use the arrow buttons to select:
  • Off (Relock Manually): Parental Controls turned off until reactivated.
  • Off (Auto Relock): Parental Controls turned off temporarily.
  • On
  1. Enter your Parental Control PIN, then choose Accept to confirm your changes.
  2. Return to the Parental Control menu to manage additional preferences, including:
  • Locked Channels
  • Locked Ratings
  • Locked Content
  • Locked Time
  • Hide Adult Titles
  1. Select the preference you'd like to edit, and follow the on-screen prompts.
  2. Press the Exit button to return to live programming.

When Parental Controls are turned on, all settings for your locking preferences are activated. Programs will automatically be locked according to your selected rating or content level, as well as more restrictive ratings. For example, if you've chosen to restrict content with a PG-13 rating, content with R, NC-17 and Adult ratings will also be locked. You'll need your Parental Control PIN to view locked programs.

Note: Restarting your Cisco/Scientific Atlanta Spectrum receiver will re-activate your parental control preferences.