During playoffs, there may be cases where multiple teams are playing in the same market at the same time. For example, the St. Louis Blues hockey team may have a playoff game at the same time the St. Louis Cardinals and Kansas City Royals baseball teams have games. In this case, one of the games may be moved to an alternate channel, like NBCSN, Fox Sports 1 or RSEG (Regional Sports Extra Games). If the game you want to see doesn't appear on the expected channel, you can check alternate sports channels to see if it's playing there.

Find Sports in Your Area

To find sports channels in your area using Spectrum.net:

  1. Access the Spectrum.net TV Guide   .
  2. Verify that your ZIP code is correct.
  3. Select the plus sign (+) to expand the Filter menu.
  4. Select the Sports filter.
  5. Select the minus sign (-) to collapse the Filter menu.

To navigate the Spectrum.net TV Guide:

  1. Select the directional arrows in the first row to browse up to 13 days of programming.
  2. Select the day of week and date to update the Guide.
  3. Select the directional arrows in the second row to advance programming times.
  4. Scroll up and down to view programming.


Screenshot Spectrum.net Guide Sports Filter


In addition to Spectrum.net, you can also use the Spectrum TV app or your On-Screen Program Guide to find sports channels in your area.

About Sports Blackouts

The term "blackout" refers to the inability to televise a sport event in certain areas or on specific channels. Blackouts are the result of FCC regulations regarding contractual agreements between professional sports leagues and broadcasters.

Learn more   about Sports Blackouts.