Manage Spectrum Usernames

Your Spectrum username gives you access to features on, like viewing and paying your bill online and more.

If you haven't already, you should create your username. You can also learn how to add a new user to your account or change the password for your Spectrum username.

After you've created a username, you have the option to create a Spectrum email account.

Account Controls

There are three different kinds of usernames: Head of Household (HoH), Administrator (Admin) and Standard. Each of these has different permissions. You can have seven different usernames, and one must be the Head of Household (HoH).

Parental Controls

You can set Parental Controls to manage the type of content different users can view.

Note: When you create a Standard Username, the parental controls for that user will automatically be set to restrict R-rated and TV-M content. If you want to change these Parental Controls, you can do so in Manage Account > Settings.

Learn more about email parental controls and how to manage the accounts that can send email to and receive email from the usernames in your household.