You can manage your account and billing information online at Below is information on how to change or update your method of payment (credit card, debit card or checking/savings account) for automatic payments (Auto Pay).

Learn more about Auto Pay and how to enroll.

  1. Sign In to as Head of Household or Administrator.
  2. If you're already signed in as a Head of Household or Administrator, skip to step 4.
  3. Select My Account, then Billing.

Billing Hover

  1. Select Manage Auto Pay, then Edit to make any necessary changes, including expiration date.
Cancel Auto Pay Screen one
  1. Select Save.

Note: If you update or change your method of payment close to the date your bill is due, your payment may not be processed and you could be charged a late fee. In this case, Spectrum recommends making a one-time payment to avoid any late fees and to monitor your bill for accuracy. Updated Auto Pay information will take effect by the next billing cycle.

Online payments can be made using a checking/savings account or American Express, Visa, MasterCard or Discover card.



You can also select Cancel Auto Pay to remove your payment method. This must be completed three business days before the scheduled payment date to avoid being charged for your recurring payment. Learn more.