The following information will help you troubleshoot IP address problems in Windows 7.

Repairing your IP address

  1. Open the Start menu from the taskbar, then select Control Panel.
Select control panel
  1. Select View by: Category in the upper right-hand corner of the window.
  2. Choose Network and Internet, as shown in the image below.
Network and Internet


  1. Select Network and Sharing Center, then locate and select Connections, as shown in the image below.
Select network
  1. The Connection Status screen will appear. This provides details about your connection, including wireless network name, connectivity status and the duration of the connection.
Conection status
  1. Selecting Diagnose will allow the connection to reconnect or repair the IP address.
  2. Selecting Details will display more details about the connection such as IP address, default gateway and DNS (Domain Name System) servers, as shown in the image below.
Network connection details


Note: If you're still experiencing problems connecting your computer to your wireless network, visit Windows Support.

Locate / Specify your IP or DNS address

  1. Select Properties in the Connection Status window to view Network Connection Properties.
  2. Within Wireless Network Connection Properties, locate and highlight Internet Protocol Version 4.
  3. Choose Properties, as shown in the image below.
Select checkbox next to IPv4
  1. From the Internet Protocol Version 4 Properties window, the user can locate the IP and DNS settings.
  2. Under normal conditions, the IP and DNS should both be configured to Obtain Automatically.
  3. To specify an IP or DNS address, select Use the Following DNS server addresses and enter the full address.
  4. Select OK to save the information.
General tab on IPv4 page