The following information will help you troubleshoot IP address problems in Windows 10.

Alert: Spectrum customers who have Windows 10 may be experiencing an internet service interruption. Learn more

Wireless Network Report

  1. Access the Task Bar, then type Command prompt in the search field.
  2. Right click Command prompt, select Run as administrator, then select Yes.
  3. At the command prompt, type netsh wlan show wlanreport.
  4. Visit Windows Support for further assistance.

If the report is unable to diagnose and fix issues you're experiencing with your network:

  • Verify that your wireless network is turned on and active.
  • Make sure WiFi is enabled on your computer.
  • Verify that your computer is within range of your wireless router.
  • Try resetting your wireless modem or your computer.
  • Update your operating system, if the option is available.

If you're still experiencing problems connecting your computer to your wireless network, visit Windows Support.