Parental Controls allow you to regulate what programs your children are able to watch on TV Channel Apps based on rating or channel restrictions.

Setting Parental Controls

Note: Parental controls for most TV channel apps (such as HBO GO) can be managed on For the STARZ app, you'll need to set parental controls on
  1. Sign in to with a Head of Household or Admin username.
  2. Select the User account you'd like to edit.
    Note: Users with Standard permissions can view but not edit Parental Controls.
  3. Scroll to the Parental Controls section.
  4. Select the check mark next to a TV or Movie rating that you'd like to grant or remove access to. Note: The checkmark denotes access.
Parental Control Settings on
  1. Choose Yes to allow or No to block unrated content.
  2. Select Save.
Note: Parental control settings managed through apply only to TV Channel Apps and viewing Live and On Demand programming online. Parental controls can also be managed through your Spectrum Receiver or on the Spectrum TV app.


If you're having trouble managing parental controls on a TV Channel App:

  • Reset your parental controls on, then sign back into the TV Channel app. For STARZ, go to to set parental controls.
  • For further assistance, contact us.