Some issues with email are easy to diagnose, while others may require further investigation. To make sure you have the best connection when sending and receiving email, use these settings.

If you're experiencing any of the following issues, make sure you're using the correct email settings:

  • Missing Emails
  • Missing Contacts
  • Sent Emails Missing
  • Saved Email Missing
Note: If you aren't able to send and receive email, first check to see if you have a working internet connection.

Emails Missing When Checking Email From Multiple Devices

If you're using more than one device to access your email, make sure you are using the proper IMAP settings.

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Changes Not Saved in Both Locations

If you find that the changes you've saved on your mobile device are not saving in webmail or vice versa, make sure you are using the correct settings.


If you, or one of your contacts, have received a bounceback message when sending email, make sure the email address isn't marked as spam.

Can Receive but Can't Send Email/Can Send but Can't Receive

If you are experiencing problems sending and/or receiving emails, make sure you are using the correct email settings for both incoming and outgoing servers.

Receiving Spam

"Spam" is unwanted, unsolicited commercial email. Spectrum helps block spam by using anti-spam filters.

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