The following information will help you manage Security Suite Parental Controls on your Windows computer.

Getting Started

  1. Open Security Suite.
  2. From the Status tab, select Online Safety as shown in the image below:
Parental Controls Online Safety Options
  1. The Online Safety window displays what security settings are enabled for each user.
  2. Select a new user and then Settings to make changes to the account of your choice.
User Security Settings
  1. Select Create New to set up a new account.
  2. Follow the onscreen prompts to create a name and password for the new user, and add or remove Administrator rights.

Security Settings & Parental Controls

You can customize the following security settings and parental controls for each individual username on your account. Select a setting, then toggle the ON/OFF button at the top right of the window and follow the onscreen prompts.

Browsing Protection

Security Suite browsing protection evaluates the safety of websites and prevents unintentional access to harmful websites. Learn more.

  Browsing Protection Options

Content Blocker

Content blocker restricts access to websites based on content. You also have the option to allow access to only selected websites.

  Content Blocker Options  

Search Result Filter

This feature hides adult content from search results on your web browser.

  Search Result Filter Options  

Time Limits

Time Limits restricts the number of hours allowed for web browsing in a single day. You can set different limits for weekday and weekend usage. Once the browsing time limit is reached, the user can no longer browse the internet.

Use the slider bar to adjust the time, then select OK to save your changes.

  Set Online Time Limits  

Browser Extensions

This feature is a plug-in application that ensures your security while browsing online.


You can view a user's activity over the course of a year, month, week or day. Statistics also displays the number of visited websites, potentially harmful websites that were blocked, and those that were intentionally blocked based on your filter settings.

  View User Online Statistics