The following information will help you navigate the firewall features of Spectrum's Security Suite for Mac.

Note: You may be prompted to enter your computer password to make changes to your Security Suite settings.

Enable/Disable Firewall

  1. Open Security Suite, then select Tools.
  2. To turn the firewall feature off, select Disable Firewall.

Disable firewall in Security Suite for Mac

  1. To turn the firewall feature on, select Enable Firewall.
Note: Firewall features are enabled in Security Suite for Mac by default.

Blocking/Unblocking All Traffic

If necessary, Security Suite can temporarily block all traffic to and from your computer.

  1. Open Security Suite, then select Tools to block all network access (except for product updates).
  2. Select Block all traffic to enable this feature.

Block traffic on your network using Security Suite

  1. Select Unblock all traffic to return your connection to normal status.