Below, you'll find a table of devices that you can connect to your wireless network. Search the table and select your device to access step-by-step instructions on how to connect wirelessly.

Many of these devices are also compatible with Spectrum email. If your device is compatible with Spectrum email, the device page will have instructions for setting up your email in addition to wireless connectivity directions.

To quickly find your device, start typing the device name (e.g. iPad, Magnavox, Kindle, etc.) into the search field below. The table will automatically filter the results to those that match your query.

If your device is not listed, please consult your device manual for wireless connectivity instructions.

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Top Devices

Android Phone iPhone Roku Windows 10 Computer


Device Brand Spectrum Email Compatible
Computer Windows 7 Yes
Computer Windows 8 Yes
Computer Windows 10 Yes
Computer Macintosh Yes
Tablet Android Tablet Yes
Tablet Galaxy View Yes
Tablet iPad (All Versions) Yes
Tablet Kindle Fire Yes
Tablet Kindle Fire HD Yes
Tablet Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Yes
Tablet Nook Yes
Tablet Windows 8 Tablet Yes
eReader Amazon Kindle No
eReader Nook eReader No
Laptop MacBook Air Yes
Laptop Chromebook Yes
Mobile Phone Android Yes
Mobile Phone Google Pixel Yes
Mobile Phone iPhone Yes
Mobile Phone iPhone 7 Yes
Mobile Phone LG V20 Yes
Mobile Phone Samsung Galazy S7/Edge Yes
Wearables Apple Watch No
MP3 Player iPod Touch Yes
Printer Canon No
Printer Epson No
Printer HP No
Printer Other Wireless Printers No
Gaming System PSP No
Gaming System Nintendo DS/DS Lite No
Gaming System PlayStation 3 (PS3) No
Gaming System PlayStation 4 (PS4) No
Gaming System Wii No
Gaming System Wii U No
Gaming System Xbox 360 No
Gaming System Xbox One No
Gaming System Xbox One S No
Virtual Reality Oculus Rift No
Smart TV Amazon Fire TV No
Smart TV Amazon Fire TV Stick No
Smart TV Apple TV No
Smart TV Google Chromecast No
Smart TV Google Nexus Player No
Smart TV LG Smart TV No
Smart TV LG webOS Smart TV No
Smart TV Roku No
Smart TV Samsung Curved 4K SUHD TV No
Smart TV Sony Android Smart TV No
Smart TV VIZIO SmartCast P-Series TV No
Smart TV Vizio Smart TV No
Speakers Sonos Speakers No
Blu-Ray Player LG No
Blu-Ray Player Magnavox 5100 Series No
Blu-Ray Player Samsung No
Blu-Ray Player Sony No
Blu-Ray Player Toshiba No
Blu-Ray Player Vizio No
Blu-Ray Player Other Blu-Ray Players No
Smart Home Device Amazon Echo No
Smart Home Device Google Home No
Smart Home Device LG Smart Fridge No
Smart Home Device LG Smart Laundry No
Smart Home Device Mr. Coffee No
Smart Home Device Samsung Smart Fridge No
Smart Home Device Samsung Smart Range No
Digital Camera Canon No
Digital Camera Nikon No