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This article provides instructions for updating your In-home WiFi Netgear WNDR3800 router to the latest Spectrum-specific firmware. Only customers who have a Spectrum-owned Netgear WNDR3800 WiFi router that was installed between July and November 2013 should upgrade. Once your firmware is upgraded, our Internet Repair representatives can remotely configure your Spectrum In-Home WiFi router upon your request. 


What is router firmware?

Computer chips that have data or programs recorded on them are firmware. This is what makes your router run.

Why does my router's firmware need to be updated?

Manufacturers regularly release new firmware versions to improve performance, add functions and fix bugs.

Before you begin, please ensure your router qualifies for the upgrade.

  • Model: Netgear WNDR3800.


How do I update my router's firmware?

Download the WNDR3800 firmware.

There's new firmware available for your Netgear router.

This new firmware is a Spectrum-specific firmware build that includes technology designed to give Spectrum customer service support personnel visibility into the conditions affecting your home network. It'll collect and maintain certain information regarding access to and use of the home network, including without limitation device identifiers, device name, device type, applications and protocols, connections and traffic flows. Such information will be used by us to provide Spectrum Internet Services and related support, as well as for internal business analytics regarding your use of Spectrum Internet Services.

By installing such firmware, you acknowledge and agree that Charter Communications will have access to the network name and password associated with your router in order to provide support and diagnostic services.

Your router may be a Spectrum or personally owned device. Once the new firmware is installed on your device, it'll no longer receive updated firmware from Netgear (if made available). If you own your router, you may perform a factory reset of the device to return to the original Netgear firmware upon disconnection from Spectrum service.

Do you want to upgrade?

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Instructions to download the firmware:

  1. Before you begin, confirm that your router qualifies for an upgrade:
    • Model: Netgear WNDR3800.
    • SSID: NETGEAR##.
  2. Connect your Netgear router to your computer via an Ethernet cord.
  3. Select the link below to download the new firmware upgrade file.
  4. When the download screen appears, select Desktop as the destination and select Save.
  5. Once you have successfully downloaded and saved the file, type either or into your web browser.
  6. Enter your username and password (they are case sensitive):
    • The default username is: admin
    • The default password is: password
  7. In the router interface, select Advanced.
  8. Go to Administration.
  9. Select Firmware Upgrade.
  10. Select the Choose File button.
  11. Choose the firmware file you saved to your Desktop and select Open.
  12. Select the Upload button and then Yes to confirm.
  13. The router will load the firmware and automatically re-boot to complete the process.

Do NOT power the router off during this process.

Get detailed printable instructions for PC 

Get detailed printable instructions for MAC 

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