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The following information will help minimize the inconvenience and danger of severe weather and provide updated information regarding service restoration in the event of severe weather or other emergency situation. You can also visit the National Weather Service   and FEMA   for additional storm updates in your area.


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Current Service Outage Information

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Power Outages

If your power is out, first call your power company or visit their website. Even if you have power at home, power outages in your area may be affecting our network and delaying restoration of services. If you've determined that there are no Spectrum or power outages in your area, you can troubleshoot   your Spectrum services.


If you've determined that there are no Spectrum or power outages in your area, you can troubleshoot   your Spectrum services.

General Information

Storm Preparation

For more information on steps to take to prepare for a storm, visit Ready.gov  

How We Prepare

We constantly monitor weather in our service areas. Once it's likely that severe weather is imminent, our teams put storm-preparedness plans into action.

We work closely with cities and towns we serve well in advance of a storm or hurricane to ensure lines of communication remain open. Additional line crews and mutual aid providers are also placed on standby should they be needed.

In the event of other emergency situations, we have pre-established lines of communication with federal, state and local officials.

Restoration Efforts

Please be aware as a result of Hurricanes or other severe weather events, there may be significant Commercial Power outages in your area which impact your Spectrum Video, Internet and Phone services.  Even if you have power at your home, these outages may be affecting our network and delaying restoration of services.

At Spectrum, employee safety is our top priority. As the storm clears and it is deemed safe for our technicians to return to normal operations, damage will be assessed and repairs will be made as quickly as possible.

Spectrum Voice

Your Spectrum Voice modem must be plugged into an electrical wall outlet to operate. Your Voice service (including access to 911 services) will be unavailable during a power outage if you don't have a battery backup, and may also be unavailable in the event of a network outage. Learn more   about purchasing a Battery Backup.

Storm FAQs

What should I do when my Spectrum services go out?

Verify that your electricity is working. Electricity is required to receive Spectrum services. If you've determined that there are no Spectrum or power outages in your area, you can troubleshoot   your Spectrum services.

Why don't I see your crews working on my street?

Your outage might not necessarily be caused by storm damage problems on your street, or even a nearby street. Even if you don't see our crews or vehicles working near your home, we're working with local power companies to have your services restored as quickly as possible.

I saw your truck but it's gone now. My services haven't been restored. Is somebody coming back?

During emergency situations, we often send out a special crew to find out exactly where the problem is, what kind of work needs to be performed and, most importantly, to make sure the area is safe. We then coordinate with local power companies to make sure the right crew is sent out to do the necessary repair work. Also, the source of the problem may not be near your home.

What might cause a delay in restoring my services?

During a severe storm, downed power lines, blocked roads, unplowed or flooded streets, downed trees or other dangerous situations may slow our response time or impede our ability to repair your services. Additionally, conditions throughout our system may cause delays. For example, several small, scattered outages are more time consuming to repair because they require more frequent stops to reconnect lines to individual homes.

How do you prioritize restoration efforts during a significant emergency situation?

We implement a disaster-recovery plan of operations that places the efforts of the entire company behind service restoration 24-hours a day. We make every effort to restore service to the maximum number of customers in the shortest possible time. The initial focus in a widespread outage is public safety and other critical facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes.