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General Information

Control Live TV

Use Charter DVR with Moxi to record your favorite shows and series. Moxi can be programmed to record every episode for a selected series. In addition to providing an easy way for you to record your favorite shows, it also allows you to pause and replay live TV. During recording, the red recording light on the front of the digital receiver lights up.

Charter DVR with Moxi provides a way for you to record two shows at the same time. You can even watch one show while recording another, or record two shows while watching a third recorded show. The playback controls will work on live content that is recording, as well as on previously recorded content. It's easy to pause, rewind, and fast-forward in live and recorded shows. Simply use the buttons on the remote like you would on a typical DVD player as follows:

  • Play: begins or resumes playing the program.
  • Pause: pauses the program.
  • Rew: variable speed rewind - goes faster with each press (3x, 15x, 60x).
  • Fwd: variable speed fast forward - goes faster with each press (3x, 15x, 60x).
  • Stop: stops recording or playback of a recorded show.
  • Rec: gives you the option to record the show.
  • Replay: jumps back seven seconds.
  • Skip: jumps ahead 15 minutes in recorded content (if there is 15 minutes or more of recorded content left.) If less than 15 minutes of content has been recorded, it will jump ahead to the end of the recording time (up to 15 minutes).


Find & Record

Moxi Find and Record page

The Find & Record category offers advanced search capabilities and provides a way for you to manage your recording schedules.

Advanced search features:

  • By Title: search by entering title into the on-screen keyboard. Press the Left button to choose your selected show and press OK. Press the Left button to save your selection.
  • By Keyword: search by actor, director or subject into the onscreen keyboard. Press the Left button to choose your selected show and press OK. Press the Left button to save your selection.
  • By Category/Sub-category: press the Left or Right button to scroll to your preferred genre.
    Shows that are listed in search results include Recorded Find and Record icon icons if a show has already been selected to be recorded.

Record Live TV

Record Live TV screen shot

Single recordings can be scheduled by the following methods:

  1. From Live TV: Press the Record button to access Option menu.
  2. From any show-related category in Moxi Menu: select a show, press OK to access Option menu.

To see a list of scheduled recordings, navigate to the Find & Record category within the Moxi Menu:

  1. For individual recordings: press the Up or Down buttons to scroll to Scheduled to Record and press OK.
  2. For series recordings: press the Up or Down buttons to scroll to Series Options and press OK.

Record First Runs and Reruns

You can choose to record all episodes of a series or you can exclude reruns to just record the new episodes.

To exclude reruns from a scheduled series recording:

  1. Follow directions for accessing recording options for a series under General Recording Options.
  2. Set the Accept option to:
    1. First Run Only;
    2. (or) Repeats.

Record Multiple Episodes or a Series

Some popular programs are broadcast several times a day on multiple days. To prevent your Charter DVR from filling up with more episodes than you have time to watch, Moxi keeps only five episodes of a series at one time.

To change the number of episodes to record:

  1. Choose the Find & Record category from the Moxi Menu.
  2. Select Series Options.
  3. Select the desired series.
  4. Press OK to bring up the Option menu.
  5. Select Recording Option.
  6. Select Episode Limit.

If you set the option to Unlimited, it will keep all episodes that space will allow. If you set the option to Five, once it reaches a total of five recorded episodes the addition of each new episode will result in the deletion of the oldest episode.

Prioritize Recording Requests

Setting the recording priority for a series tells Moxi which shows are most important to you. Sometimes series recordings will have show times that conflict with each other, and these conflicts are resolved based on each series assigned priority. By default, the first show scheduled will have the higher priority.

To change assigned priority:

  1. Choose the Find & Record category from the Moxi Menu.
  2. Select Series Options.
  3. Select the desired series.
  4. Press OK to bring up the option menu.
  5. Select Change Priority and press OK to access the Change Series menu.
  6. To move a show's priority higher, choose Move Up. To move a show's priority lower, choose Move Down. Press OK.
  7. Choose OK and press OK to confirm priority.
  8. To exit out of the change series menu press the Left button.

Cancel and Delete Shows

To delete a recorded show:

  1. Select the show from the Recorded TV category within the Moxi Menu and press OK.
  2. Choose Delete and press OK.
  3. Choose Yes, Delete and press OK to confirm your choice.

The canceled and deleted area allows you to see a list of shows that were scheduled and not recorded, or deleted. Moxi keeps a seven day record of canceled recordings and deleted shows. Each item provides info on whether a show was canceled or deleted by you or by Moxi. If a show you wanted was canceled or deleted by Moxi, you can determine the cause and schedule it to record again the next time it comes on.

To see the list of canceled recordings and deleted shows:

  1. Navigate to the Find & Record category in the Moxi Menu.
  2. Press the Up or Down buttons to scroll to Canceled & Deleted and press OK.

Remote Online Scheduling

Moxi Remote Online Scheduling screen shot

You can easily program your Moxi DVR from anywhere by going to

To record a show through

  1. Log in to by either going to the homepage or through TV listings.
  2. Click Settings located near the top of the TV listings. Enter your ZIP code and choose your service. Be sure to choose a digital package.
  3. Click on the show that you want to record.
  4. Click Record.
  5. Set your recording options.
  6. Your show will now be recorded by your Moxi box at home.

To access recording options for a single show:

  1. Select the show you wish to record from the show-related categories in the Moxi Menu and press OK.
  2. Choose Recording Options and press OK.
  3. Choose the desired option (Start Recording/Stop Recording/Cancel/Get Episodes/Keep).
  4. Press the Left button to save.

To access recording options for a series:

  1. Navigate to the Find & Record category on the Moxi Menu.
  2. Press the Up or Down buttons to scroll to Series Options and press OK.
  3. Choose the desired series and press OK.
  4. Choose recording options and press OK.
    1. Choose the desired option (Start Recording/Stop Recording/Cancel/Accept Repeats/Episode Limit/Keep) and press OK.
    2. Press the Left button to save.

Other Capabilities

Adjust Aspect Ratio

This option allows you to manage the formatting of any widescreen content. If your TV has a wide screen you can set the video aspect ratio to 16:9. If your TV has the more typical 4:3 aspect ratio, you can either force widescreen content into a 16:9 aspect ratio through Letter Box mode, or select the more typical Cropped mode to best utilize your screen area. To configure the aspect ratio output for Charter DVR, go to the Moxi Menu, choose Settings and then Widescreen and select one of the following settings:

  • Letter Box: this setting forces a 16:9 aspect ratio onto a standard 4:3 TV screen. This mode will shrink the widescreen picture to fill the width of the screen and put black or gray bars at the top and bottom of the screen to create a true 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • Cropped: use this setting for standard TVs with an aspect ratio of 4:3. Pictures delivered in 16:9 will be cropped to fit the 4:3 screen aspect ratio.
  • Wide Mode: this setting is for TVs with a wide (16:9 ratio) TV screen, or that can virtually support a 16:9 aspect ratio on a 4:3 ratio screen.

Video Output Resolution

When your system is installed by Charter, the installer will configure the video output settings for you. However, if you buy a new TV, you may need to reconfigure Charter DVR's video output to match. The HDTV settings can automatically change the output resolution to match the incoming signal (this feature is known as "native-mode pass-through").

With this option, standard-definition programs are not stretched or scaled to fit the high definition screen. You can select the resolutions that your TV supports; if your TV can handle the incoming resolution, then Moxi will send it directly without scaling it.

To configure Charter DVR's video settings, access the Moxi Menu and go to Settings, Video Output. Scroll down to HDTV Set-up and press OK on the Moxi remote. Select one of the following settings based on what your TV will support:

  • 480i (default setting): if your TV does not support high definition settings, and is connected by an s-video cable, or a composite video cable (the yellow tipped RCA cable), then select the 480i option.
  • 1080i: if you have a high definition (HD)-compatible TV connected by a component (Y, Pb, Pr) or HDMI/DVI cable, then select the 1080i setting.
  • 480p or 720p: if your TV does not support 1080i, but supports other high definition settings, then you can select 480p or 720p and use a component or HDMI/DVI cable.

Keep in mind that you must use a component (Y, Pb, Pr) or HDMI/DVI cable connection to use the 480p, 720p, and 1080i settings. The composite and s-video connections do not support these settings.

The RF output cannot be used. When you select a video output setting, Moxi tries that setting for you. If you are switching between different hardware connections, you may need to switch your TV's input to match the new setting. Once you see the new setting displaying the Moxi Menu, you'll need to switch back to the original TV input in order to confirm the new setting in the Moxi Menu. Once confirmed, you can return to the new TV input setting for normal viewing.

Closed Captioning

Closed captioning displays the audio portion of a program as text on your TV screen.

CC on cartoonish tv screen

If you connect your TV to the Media Center using a component or DVI cable, follow the instructions below to manage closed captioning. If your TV and the Media Center are connected in any other way, use your TV menu instead. For further instruction, refer to your TV manual.

  1. In the Settings category, select Closed Captioning, and press OK.
  2. Select Enabled or Disabled.
  3. Select Basic Service or Digital Service, according to the service you receive, and then scroll to the option compatible to your area.
  4. Select Preferred Language, and then select Primary or Secondary.
If you select a setting that is not supported, your screen may appear unreadable. Moxi reverts to your previous video output setting after 20 seconds if you don't confirm the new one.


Secondary Audio Programming (SAP) is an auxiliary audio channel for analog television that can be broadcast or transmitted both over the air and by cable TV. It is often used for an alternate language or for the Descriptive Video Service (DVS) offered in the United States by PBS, along with broadcasting the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Weather Radio service or a local National Public Radio station at times where translation or DVS is not needed.

Descriptive Video Service (DVS) is a service where a narrator describes the action of a scene during natural pauses in the dialogue, designed to make the programming more accessible to customers who are blind or visually impaired. For example, the audience can hear, "A police officer enters the room," "A car accident occurs," "It begins to rain," or "A man buries his face in his hands."

Enable/Disable SAP/DVS

To configure Moxi to use the primary or secondary audio track for digital channels:

  1. When tuned to a digital channel, without the menu being displayed, bring up the info dialog box by either of these methods:
    • Press INFO on the remote control.
    • Press an arrow key to bring up the flip bar then press OK.
  2. Using the arrow keys scroll through the button choices to find the language button.
Moxi Watch menu - Language option
The language button will only appear if Moxi detects a secondary audio track on the current program.
  1. Press OK on the language button to cycle through available audio tracks.
  2. To determine which track is actually selected, you must tune to a program that is known to have both English and other language audio tracks (Spanish, DVS, etc). You can then select the desired track by listening to the audio.

If the desired channel does not carry Secondary Audio you will hear the Primary Audio.

Only one secondary audio will be available at a time. For example, you will not be able hear both Spanish language and DVS. DVS is only available on select channels and during select programming. For DVS-supported programming schedules, please visit the website for the programmer (channel) you are interested in.

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